Lumpkin County Incentives

The Lumpkin County Board of Commissioners adopted the Economic Investment Program in 2006. The Development Authority of Lumpkin County manages this program on behalf of the Board of Commissioners. The Economic Investment Program’s purpose is to, 

  1. Attract desirable companies to the County, 
  2. Create additional jobs within the County, 
  3. To expand over time the County’s tax base, and 
  4. Create a more favorable balance in the tax base between business and residential development. 

Download the Program Summary & Application (updated 04.17.2020)

State of Georgia Incentives

Business incentives in Georgia drive business growth. The Georgia Department of Economic Development portfolio begins with a tax credit to spur job creation and includes an array of other credits for investing in R&D, shipping through ports and making key expansion investments. Georgia tax exemptions are just as robust: they can save you lots of money in startup and operating costs. All of this is anchored by a 5.75% corporate tax rate based on single-factor apportionment.

Click the “Business Incentives Brochure” to the right to learn more about tax credits your company may be eligible for! 

Summary of Local & State Programs:

  • 100% Freeport Exemption in Lumpkin County (tax exemption on inventory of goods in the process of being manufactured)
  • Georgia offers sales and use tax exemptions for expenditures in manufacturing operations – such as, equipment, repairing machinery, raw materials, pollution control equipment.
  • State Corporate income tax 5.75%
  • Other taxes in Georgia include, individual income tax, sales tax, property tax, and unemployment insurance tax
  • For new businesses: Jobs Tax Credits – Minimum 15 new jobs, $1,750 job tax credits per job, for 5 years
  • For existing businesses in Georgia at least 3 years – Investment Tax Credits  – 1-3% with a minimal manufacturing investment of $100,000
  • Port Activity Tax Credits: Can be used with the Jobs or Investment Tax Credits 
  • High Paying Jobs creation Tax Credits: 110% the county’s average wage – tax credits range between $2,500-$5,000 depending on the % above the average wage.
  • MEGA projects relocating manufacturing to Georgia: eligible for up to $5,250 per job, per tax year for 5 years.
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