Yahoola Creek Reservoir Master Plan

Mark Your Calendars! The Yahoola Creek Reservoir Committee is seeking input from the community to help develop the Yahoola Creek Reservoir Master Plan. Individuals can participate in these planning efforts through an on-line public input survey scheduled to go live on May 25. The survey will be available through June 19.


Background & Timeline Yahoola Creek Reservoir Master Plan

In June of 2018, the Lumpkin County Board of Commissioners created the Yahoola Creek Reservoir Property Study Committee to consider potential future uses of the ~200 acres owned by Lumpkin County around Lake Zwerner, or the Reservoir. In coordination with the Lumpkin County Purchasing Agent and the Development Authority, the committee issued a Request for Proposal for Planning and Design Services from qualified firms or individuals. The committee evaluated a total of 8 qualified proposals. It was this committee’s recommendation to the Board of Commissioners on August 6, 2019 to engage the services of Lose Design.

The goal of the project is to create a master plan that references programs and facilities that appeal to a wide range of users, ages, skill levels, and interests in order to bring people of the region together.

A summary of the public input opportunities available during the planning process is listed below.

For more information on the status of this project, contact the Development Authority of Lumpkin County:, 706-482-2648.

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