Business Spotlight: Wahoo Docks

DAHLONEGA, Ga. – Founded in the early 2000s, Wahoo Docks, is a manufacturer of aluminum floating decks. The company originated in Gainesville, Georgia, but expanded to Lumpkin County in 2017. As the leading manufacturer of aluminum docks in North America, Wahoo Docks sells in the residential and commercial markets.

Wahoo Docks takes pride in their in-house marketing, and markets their product in various ways. Residential docks are sold through a network of dealers all around the country. Commercial docks, for larger businesses and marinas, are sold directly from the Lumpkin County headquarters.

In the Lumpkin County location, they are able to manufacture more product and have grown exponentially over the past few years. In addition to this growth, in 2019, Wahoo Docks expanded a partnership with another sales leader in marinas and floating docks, Meeko Sullivan.

Wahoo Docks also identifies ways their products impact the environment. Answering the demand for minimizing the number of welds needed, the new dock system, Extreme, will address environmental concerns by minimizing the number of welds in order to avoid disruption of the ecosystem they work within.

The company’s motto, Engineered for Excellence, demonstrates the quality of their work as they strive to produce the most innovative docks on the market.

Wahoo Docks currently employees around 130 people. As they continue to grow, opportunities for skilled welders who are familiar with the utilization of aluminum and the capability of running a forklift will become available. The Development Authority of Lumpkin County appreciates Wahoo Docks for their economic investment, corporate responsibility, and workforce development in Lumpkin County!

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