Lumpkin County High School Work-Based Learning Program Business Orientation

DAHLONEGA, Ga. – On Wednesday July 20, 2022, many local businesses came out to hear more about the Lumpkin County High School Work-Based Learning (WBL) Program.  In partnership with Lumpkin County High School (LCHS) we are happy to support programs such as these to help build Lumpkin County’s workforce.  For several years, Paula Cooper has developed a great WBL program which allows students to connect with local industries and get hands-on experience.

The mission of the Work-Based Learning Program is to assist in providing a highly trained, technologically sophisticated and career oriented young work force. This is accomplished by developing partnerships between business, industry, students, parents, school systems, coordinators, post-secondary institutions, and registered apprenticeships which will lead the participating student into meaningful careers.

If you are interested in the Work-Based Learning Program and would like to learn more, please contact Paula Cooper at

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